The impact is felt across the entire community

The students seem to be ‘getting it’ and might be understanding mental health and the consequences of untreated mental health conditions better than parents and adults right now.  The creation of student-led Mental Health Clubs are a good sign of this understanding and of their commitment for a stigma-free school culture. 

Our schools are recognizing that mental health is just as important as physical health.  Our schools have shown a commitment to student mental wellness by hiring a full-time Mental Health Coordinator, and partnering with Community Health Networks Behavior Health to provide licensed mental health counselors within each high school, Jr high, and Intermediate school for the next school year.

The City's newly formed Mental Health task force and a Faith based group partner together and put plans in place to identify Mental Health issues within the city.  One such program is the  Fishers Stigma Free pledge #StigmaFreeFishers campaign. 


  • Starting in the 2019 school year, we have partnered with 4 other non-profits to contribute funds to help those families who don’t have financial means to pay for therapy for their kids in need of mental health counseling.

  • Developed and provided Mental Health Presentations for the past 6 semesters to Fishers High School Health and Wellness classes (2014-2017)

  • Founded the annual Play for Peyton Memorial Softball Tournament to raise awareness and funds for mental health within the community (350 players + 200 adults)

  • Helped sponsor the Stigma Free HSE (Hamilton Southeaster High School) and Fishers High School after school clubs, now part of Bring Change to Mind. Approximately 50 students come every month in each school to help erase stigma and volunteer for programs on mental health.

  • Funded a licensed mental health counselor to provide support groups and individual counseling within our 2 local high schools and 2 Jr. High Schools every year. Approximately 60 students involved in support groups.

  • Funded suicide prevention training (Assist, QPR) for guidance counselors and teachers within the HSE school system

  • Founded "The Night of Hope," an annual mental health awareness event for our schools and community. This program provides a mental health convocation within our 2 local high schools . During this same day, a community event where topics of teen depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are discussed. Community partners are an important component of this Night of Hope event with 2018 bringing in 27 different organizations who provide supportive materials and resources to the public.